Environmental Advocates Launch Ads in in Colorado Senate Race

EDF Action Votes targets Cory Gardner’s hypocrisy & NRDC Action Votes highlights John Hickenlooper’s environmental successes  

Today NRDC Action Votes and EDF Action Votes are announcing a $650,000 television and digital independent spending campaign to aid Gov. John Hickenlooper in defeating Sen. Cory Gardner in the Colorado Senate race. 

NRDC Action Votes is launching a television ad that will run statewide on broadcast and cable and an accompanying digital ad campaign that shows how as governor, Hickenlooper helped stand up to the Trump administration and bring cleaner cars to Colorado. Hickenlooper’s strong action brought about cleaner air and lower costs at the pump for Colorado drivers.

“Cory Gardner isn’t a real environmentalist, but when election season comes around he plays one on TV,” said Jossie Steinberg, director of NRDC Action Votes. “Gardner’s record is clear: All he has done is side with Donald Trump’s climate denial and the gutting of protections for clean air and clean water. Colorado needs a senator who knows how to accomplish real, lasting environmental progress – and that’s John Hickenlooper.”

“Cory Gardner standing in front of those same windmills from his 2014 ads to talk about his environmental record is impossible to reconcile with the Cory Gardner we’ve seen in the U.S. Senate,” said EDF Action Senior Political Director Jack Pratt. “The truth is every day Cory Gardner is in Washington is another day he votes with Donald Trump and the wrong way for Colorado. Voters have a great opportunity to replace Cory Gardner with former Governor John Hickenlooper who will be a champion for Colorado’s environment.”

 The NRDC Action Votes ad highlights the actions Hickenlooper took as governor to establish a clean cars standard for Colorado. His action took on great import as President Trump gutted national fuel efficiency and tailpipe pollution standards. See a copy of the ad here.

Ads by EDF Action Votes will launch September 15th on premium streaming services across the state calling out Cory Gardner for his hypocrisy on the environment – taking $2 million from the corporate polluters while putting Colorado’s air and water at risk.  


NRDC Action Votes is an independent political action committee that works to promote the goals of the NRDC Action Fund, including working for protection of wild lands, healthy air and water, and addressing