Environmental Groups Launch SC-01 Radio Ad To Mobilize Black Voters

LCV Victory Fund and NRDC Action Votes are launching a joint $70,000 radio ad today in support of the Lowcountry’s pro-environment Congressman Joe Cunningham’s re-election bid against opponent Nancy Mace. The ad campaign is specifically designed to reach Black voters in South Carolina’s First Congressional District and will run through Election Day.

LISTEN: “Clear Choice”

The ad hits Mace for denying climate change and taking tens of thousands in campaign contributions from corporate polluters who want to contaminate South Carolina’s drinking water. Halfway through, the ad shifts to a pro-Cunningham message, highlighting the Congressman’s experience as an ocean engineer who believes in science, stands up to polluters, and is working to combat climate change and protect coastal communities.

“Nancy Mace’s cozy relationships with corporate polluters put the health and safety of South Carolina communities, especially Black and Brown communities, at extreme risk,” said Emily Crerand, LCV Victory Fund National Campaigns Director. “We need to keep Rep. Cunningham in Washington, fighting for clean air, clean water, and to ban drilling off of South Carolina’s coast.”

“Nancy Mace’s relationship with corporate polluters risks everyone in the Lowcountry’s way of life and the economic backbone of the region -- their coastline,” said Jossie Steinberg, NRDC Action Votes Independent Expenditure Director. “Rep. Cunningham is putting South Carolina first -- not corporate polluters.”

This is LCV Victory Fund’s third ad buy in SC-01 this cycle. The group previously ran “Toxic” and “Price” on TV in the Charleston market with House Majority PAC 

A 2020 poll of battleground House districts by LCV Victory Fund, NRDC Action Votes, EDF Action and House Majority PAC’s found that environmental messaging can swing competitive House races. Support for clean water and holding polluters accountable is especially persuasive with voters.

Full text of the new radio ad is below.

“Clear Choice”

In the Lowcountry

Our water and coast are a way of life

But not for Nancy Mace

She denies climate change

And took 40 thousand dollars in campaign contributions from corporate polluters

Polluters want to release toxic arsenic and mercury that can end up in our rivers and drinking water

And they want to elect Nancy Mace

She can’t be trusted

Congressman Joe Cunningham is the best choice

To protect the Lowcountry

As an ocean engineer Joe Cunningham stands up to polluters

To keep our drinking water clean

Joe believes in science and knows we must stop climate change

To protect coastal communities from storms and rising seas

To take on polluters and protect the Lowcountry’s water and economy

Vote for Joe Cunningham by November third


NRDC Action Votes is an independent political action committee that works to promote the goals of the NRDC Action Fund, including working for protection of wild lands, healthy air and water, and addressing climate change.

LCV Victory Fund runs independent campaigns to defeat federal candidates who will undermine environmental progress and elect environmental champions who will prioritize just and equitable climate solutions.

Paid for by LCV Victory Fund, www.lcvvictoryfund.org, and NRDC Action Votes, www.nrdcactionvotes.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.