Fetterman, Cartwright Get Outside Advertising Support

WASHINGTON (Oct. 25, 2022) – The Senate campaign of John Fetterman and House re-election campaign of Matt Cartwright are getting crucial outside advertising support from a pro-environment Super PAC starting today.

NRDC Action Votes is launching $325,000 in radio ads that dramatize in stark terms how Mehmet Oz has sided with polluters over the health of children. The ads, which will run in the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Erie markets, follow a $500,000 independent expenditure for online advertising in the race last month.

NRDC Action Votes is also running $300,000 in television ads that target Jim Bognet as a phony and a fraud who hasn’t lived in Northeast Pennsylvania for decades -- instead lobbying for big corporations in Washington. Bognet even sided with polluters against protections for firefighters. “Jim Bognet will never be for us,” the commercial concludes.

“We’re making sure that Pennsylvania voters know that Oz and Bognet are standing with polluters and ignoring the needs of children and health,” said Jon Colmenares, the deputy director of NRDC Action Votes. “Pennsylvanians want clean air, clean water and a safer environment, and Oz and Bognet are on the wrong side of these issues. Voters need to know that before they go to the polls.”

Commonwealth residents are strongly in favor of measures to curb methane and carbon pollution, which is responsible for climate change, polling shows. Support for candidates who want to cut pollution from the coal, oil and gas industries dramatically increases when voters learn of their positions on the environment.

Senate campaign ad can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/WdlrR7iwmDg

The House ad can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/b88hhqnwmFI

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Paid for by NRDC Action Votes and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

NRDC Action Votes is an independent expenditure political committee affiliated with the NRDC Action Fund. It works to avert dangerous climate change, support healthy people and thriving communities, and conserve and protect nature and wildlife.