Lindsey Must Go PAC and NRDC Action Votes Announce Large Ad-Buy Aimed at Lindsey Graham’s Pro-Offshore Drilling Record

The $300,000 TV buy will begin running in the next week

Lindsey Must Go (LMG PAC), the Super PAC dedicated to defeating Lindsey Graham and electing Jaime Harrison to the US Senate, has partnered with NRDC Action Votes on a $300,000 TV ad buy in South Carolina highlighting Graham’s enthusiastic support for offshore drilling along the state’s coast throughout his career. While Graham tried to abruptly reverse that positioning following President Trump’s moratorium on offshore drilling, his buddies in the oil industry are counting on him flip-flopping back after the election.

“Lindsey Graham has shown us his entire career that he’s nothing but another politician whose loyalty is for sale to the highest bidder,” said Lauren Harper, spokesperson for LMG PAC. “And it’s no different for offshore drilling. He’s been bought and paid for by big oil and has caved to their every demand. That is, until Trump says otherwise. So, honestly, his apparent change of heart two months before an election on this issue really isn’t all that surprising to us. This is a purely political move, but we’re here to make sure South Carolinians know who he really is.”

The ad will hone in on Graham’s close ties to oil and gas special interests, referencing the nearly $500,000 in donations Graham’s campaigns have received from the industry, as well as pro-drilling bills Graham has introduced and pro-drilling comments he has made over the years. It comes as the polls continue to show a tight race, including one released by Quinnipiac on Wednesday showing Harrison tied with Graham, 48%-48%.

“The people of South Carolina don’t want oil production posing threats to their beaches, but Lindsey’s Graham’s big money donors are salivating at the chance to drill offshore,” said Jossie Steinberg, director of NRDC Action Votes. “After watching him do the bidding of special interests for 17 years, it’s clear who Graham will side with in Washington. South Carolina deserves a senator who will look out for their interests. That’s not Lindsey Graham.”


NRDC Action Votes is an independent expenditure political committee that advocates for healthy air and water, clean energy jobs, climate action and protecting wild places. NRDC Action Votes promotes the goals of the NRDC Action Fund by supporting candidates who are environmental champions and opposing those who do the bidding of the fossil fuel industry.