NRDC Action Votes Congratulates Gary Peters on Re-Election

NRDC Action Votes congratulates Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., on his hard-fought re-election victory. Because of his longstanding efforts to protect health and ensure the clean-up of toxic pollutants, Peters was the first candidate that NRDC Action Votes supported with outside ads.

“Gary Peters made sure that toxic contamination harming the health of Michiganders was cleaned up, and the people of Michigan recognized that hard work in re-electing him to the Senate,” said Jossie Steinberg, director of NRDC Action Votes. “We look forward to working with Sen. Peters on these and other important environmental issues in the years to come.”

NRDC Action Votes spent $500,000 as part of a $1 million coalition campaign on a television ad that told the story of Cathy, a cancer survivor whose illness may be linked to toxic PFAS contamination in the water near Wurtsmith Air Force Base. The ad, which began running in March, helped galvanize support for Peters early in the race.

NRDC Action Votes, which launched just this year, is an independent political action committee that works to promote the goals of the NRDC Action Fund, including working for protection of wild lands, healthy air and water, and addressing climate change.

This year’s election results demonstrated that protecting the environment and addressing climate change are winning issues for candidates.