NRDC Action Votes Congratulates John Fetterman

WASHINGTON (Nov. 9, 2022) – NRDC Action Votes congratulates John Fetterman on his election to the Senate from Pennsylvania.  

Given the stakes for the people of Pennsylvania and all Americans, NRDC Action Votes ran two separate independent ad campaigns in the commonwealth that highlighted the differences between the candidates over curbing pollution and protecting childhood from asthma.

With $864,000 in spending in the race, it was the Super PAC’s largest independent expenditure this year.

“John Fetterman isn’t afraid to stand up to polluters and advocate for clean air, so  we were happy we could stand with him in this historic campaign,” said Jocelyn Steinberg, the director of NRDC Action Votes. “We look forward to the work he will do in the Senate to address carbon pollution and help bring good jobs to Pennsylvania.”

The ads can be seen here and here.

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Paid for by NRDC Action Votes and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.