NRDC Action Votes Congratulates John Hickenlooper on Victory

NRDC Action Votes congratulates John Hickenlooper on his election victory that will make him the next Senator from Colorado. Hickenlooper made protecting public lands and addressing climate change a focus of his campaign, which helped seal his victory in that state.

NRDC Action Votes and EDF Action Votes ran $6,500,000 of statewide television and digital ads in Colorado to support Hickenlooper, highlighting his efforts as governor to take on the Trump administration and curb harmful tailpipe emissions. 

“John Hickenlooper worked for cleaner cars and cleaner air when he was governor, and the people of Colorado supported him because of it,” said Jossie Steinberg, Director of NRDC Action Votes. “We look forward to working with Gov. Hickenlooper in Washington on these and other important environmental issues in the years to come.”

NRDC Action Votes, which launched just this year, is an independent political action committee that works to promote the goals of the NRDC Action Fund, including working for protection of wild lands, healthy air and water, and addressing climate change.

This year’s election results have proven that protecting the environment and addressing climate change are both necessary and electoral winners. Candidates who listened to the science, pledged to take on polluters and embraced clean energy swept to victory across the nation, while those trying to turn back the clock in favor of dirty fossil fuels were trounced.