NRDC Action Votes Recognizes Steve Bullock’s Strong Senate Campaign

NRDC Action Votes recognizes the efforts of Steve Bullock in his hard-fought campaign for the Senate in Montana. While he, unfortunately, fell short in the end, Bullock gained important traction with voters because of his efforts to protect public lands and the environment. 

NRDC Action Votes spent $500,000 on outside mailers to Montana voters, highlighting Sen. Steve Daines’ contributions from out-of-state interests looking to develop public lands – and limit access for hunters and anglers.

“Governor Steve Bullock has always put Montanans first,” said Jossie Steinberg, director of NRDC Action Votes. “Every day as governor he made sure public lands remained in public hands. Our country needs more leaders like Steve Bullock.”

NRDC Action Votes, which launched just this year, is an independent political action committee that works to promote the goals of the NRDC Action Fund, including working for protection of wild lands, healthy air and water, and addressing climate change.

This year’s election results have shown that protecting the environment and addressing climate change are electoral winners.